Spanish fashion chain Springfield has more than 1000 stores in 60 countries. Springfield belongs to the Spanish fashion group TENDAM, a company in the fashion sector. The chains corporate visual identity is based on simple lines and bright colours. In fact, their logo is the chains name using a simple typography and large spacing, along with the claim As You Live. This idea is followed in store with clothes in natural colours with a mercerised finish.

Although the chain is mainly clothing, stores stock numerous items; for example footwear or toiletries (colognes, deodorants, etc.). Even though the chain was originally aimed at an exclusively male clientele, in 2006, Springfield entered the field of women’s fashion and developed a new division called Springfield Woman.

The target audience of Springfield clothing are members of the public who live an urban, cosmopolitan, natural and carefree life-style. The style of clothing and accessories suggest an equally active lifestyle.

-Monday to Sunday: 10:30am – 08:30pm