A family business with more than 50 years of experience in dressing our feet. It all started in Inca, Majorca, when the founder of the brand bought shoe remnants from factories and sold them in the island markets.

The company took a step forward in 1980, and became known as “Calzados Herrera” (Herrera Footwear), opening a store on the Gran Vía de Inca. As time passed and with a combined effort from the whole family they continued to grow so much that three of their children continued with the family business. A few years later, they created the HEYMO brand (a union of the Herrera and Moyá lines) to replace Calzados Herrera, the founder’s commercial name. With the new brand, Reyes, Alexis and Toni started to open more stores and expand throughout the island of Mallorca.

– Monday to Sunday: 10:30am – 08:30pm